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Clinicians who have studied the effects of magnetic therapy have estimated that its effectiveness in relieving pain is 85%, considerably higher than many analgesic drugs, and without side effects.

Dr. Sarah Brewer Healing with Magnetic Therapy

We all suffer from pain at some stage in our life. Some pain can make even simple every day movements daunting. Now discover how you can banish pain with Acumedª pain relief patches. find out more.

Backache (What it is) The spinal column is one of your bodys main supports. It is made up of 33 small bones (vertebrae) that surround and protect the spinal cord. At the base of the spine, the 5 sacral vertebrae are fused to form the sacrum, and the 4 coccygeal vertebrae are fused into the coccyx (tailbone). find out more.

Easy to use. Apply a patch to the centre of the pain area then forget it. Each patch is a mini electromagnetic transmitter that precisely targets pain. Within minutes you will begin to feel the benefits. Applied externally so no upset stomach and no side effects. Acumed patches are effective 24 / 7. Day and night, seven days a week.

My neck feels great,

Small and efficient, discreet and powerful, Acumedª patches are acclaimed by users throughout the world to get rid of back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, headaches, lumbar pains, period pain, migraine and insomnia.

I can play golf again, now I have a new back find out more.

Pain its all in the head. It s true!

Pain is controlled by the brain. Pain is the body s own signal of injury to prevent further damage. Our bodies send a signal from the place of the injury to our brains, which respond by sending the appropriate pain relieving and tissue repair chemicals. This can happen in response to a fall or sports injury or a nagging long-term pain like arthritis or shoulder tension.

When the pain is too severe, or prolonged, we need some outside stimulant to trigger our bodys own pain relief mechanism.

Many people rely on drugs or surgery without knowing natural drug-free alternatives are available


Pain is a sensation produced when small nerve endings, known as pain receptors, are stimulated in the body. It is an important symptom that alerts the body when something is wrong such as an injury, inflammation, infection or other disease. Because of the way nerve fibres join together as they travel through the body, the origin of pain is not always clear. Heart pain may be felt in the left shoulder or arm for example, gallbladder pain may be felt in the tip of the right shoulder, knee pain (eg arthritis) may seem to come from the hip while toothache may be felt in the ear.

Any pain that is persistent, severe, keeps recurring or which is accompanied by other symptoms should always be discussed with your doctor. Once the cause is diagnosed, and any appropriate treatment started, you can usually enhance the effect of therapy with the use of magnets assuming there are no contraindications (See page) such as the presence of infection. It is wise to let your doctor know you are using magnets.

Pain varies in a number of ways and may be described as:

- Aching

- Burning

- Constant, intermittent or coming and going in waves

- Crushing

- Dragging

- Gnawing

- Throbbing

- Stabbing

- Stinging

- Superficial or deep

- Radiate to elsewhere in the body

Do NOT use magnets to treat recurrent, undiagnosed pain.

Magnetic therapy can help pain due to a number of causes, including:


Backache Menstrual pain


Burns (first degree) Migraine


Carpal tunnel syndrome Nervous tics


Constipation Osteoarthritis


Cramp Rheumatoid arthritis


Earache R.S.I.


Erectile dysfunction Sciatica


Fibrositis Shoulder pain


Fracture pain Sport injuries


Frozen shoulder Tennis elbow


Gout Tension Headache


Insomnia Toothache


Jet lag Travel sickness


Knee Pain Whiplash


Keloid scars

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