What is Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of magnets and the electromagnetic fields they produce to help create a beneficial environment that promotes the body's own healing processes.When therapeutic magnets are applied to the skin, they produce physiological effects in the body as the blood flowing through the magnet's electromagnetic field contains electrically charged substances such as salt ions and the iron-rich, red blood pigment,
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Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy is sometimes also known as magnetotherapy, magnetiotherapy, biomagnetic therapy, or bioelectromagnetic therapy.

Magnetic therapy is used in over 50 countries world-wide, including Germany, Israel, Russia and Japan, where magnetotherapy has been used and studied for decades.The North pole of a magnet has the most therapeutic applications, as this complements the negative polarity of the normal, healthy body and promotes natural healing processes. Traditionally, the north pole of a magnet is used to relieve and calm hot pain due to inflammation and infection, while the south pole which has a more stimulatory effect, may be used to relieve cold, aching types of pain such as that associated with poor circulation.Clinicians who have studied the effects of magnetic therapy have estimated that its effectiveness in relieving pain is 85 percent, considerably higher than for many analgesic drugs, and without the risk of side effects. Relief is usually rapid, with muscle pains for example, often diminishing within 30 minutes.The electromagnetic fields used in magnetic therapy may be generated by single or multiple magnets, which may produce a static or a pulsed electromagnetic field. Those most convenient for home use include adhesive magnetic patches, magnetic jewellery (eg necklets, bracelets), wraps and mattress pads

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