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Pain relief


therapeutic power of magnets

Acumed Pain Relief Patches− pack of 8

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Pain management selector

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Use pain relief patches

In fact, Dr.Brewer herself has successfully used pain relief patches to treat a jogging –related knee injury. The therapeutic power of magnets was known to physicians in ancient Greece, Egypt and China more than 4000 years ago.

Adhesive magnetic patches

Those most convenient for home use include adhesive magnetic patches, magnetic jewellery (eg necklets, bracelets), wraps and mattress pads.

Therapeutic pain relief

The modern, therapeutic magnetic patch is made from an alloy of iron, neodymium, and boron. These pain relief magnets are made by applying great heat and pressure to the powdered metals and are considerably lighter and more powerful than traditional iron or steel magnets.

Pain relief applied as a patch

They are therefore much smaller in size, and can be worn more discreetly (eg applied as a patch) than the traditional magnets that were strapped to the body with belts and bands.

Pain relief patches placed

Magnetic pain relief patches can be placed directly over a painful site, over acupuncture points, or on various sites of the head. Measuring magnetic force The strength of the magnetic field a magnet can produce is measured in modern units known as teslas, after the late scientist, Nikola Tesla (1856 –1943).

Effective relief pain

pain relief patch D51EFB5BA high field strength is not necessarily more effective than a low field strength for pain relief, but as a general rule, look for magnets with a gauss strength of 500 gauss or greater as strengths below this do not seem to be as effective. Different strengths are used for different applications, and the rare earth magnets used in therapeutic relief patches produce a field strength of 2000 gauss.

Pain research Japan

In 1976, medical researchers in Japan suggested that a disorder known as Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS) can occur if we are exposed for prolonged periods to electromagnetic fields that are considerably different from our own. Symptoms that are suggested to result from MFDS pain relief research include • muscle stiffness, especially in the back, neck and shoulders

Magnetic relief Patch

Results show – magnetic pain therapy will relieve • muscle stiffness, especially in the back, neck and shoulders • low back pain • vague chest pains • headache • dizziness • insomnia • constipation • loss of energy • chronic fatigue. Correction of magnetic field deficiency syndrome is one of the main aims of magnetic therapy in which direct current magnetic fields or those created by permanent solid –state magnets are used, rather than the alternating current magnetic fields produced by electrical devices.

Easy pain relief

Acumed patches are an easy pain relief system. Magnetic products are now available, including relief patches, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, clip on magnets, joint wraps, shoe insoles, straps, belts, pillows, car seat covers and even mattresses. Therapeutic magnetic patches have been developed as an easy, convenient, discreet, natural method of stimulating the body's own healing processes to relieve a variety of conditions, including musculoskeletal aches and pains. Acumed pain relief patches are a patented system that combines magnetic and electrical fields for optimum healing effects. Each patch consists of a hypoallergenic, self –adhesive plaster containing high purity zinc and copper in a magnetic field.

Pain relief energy fields

The patch is made from a hypoallergenic, microporous material which allows the skin to breath and is particularly suitable for sensitive skins. Reproduced by kind permission of Acumed pain relief™ " Each patch works as a mini transmitter, emitting small energy fields which have a soothing effect and stimulate the body's natural pain relief mechanism. Acumed patches™ generate three different electromagnetic fields: • magnetic –with the North (negative) pole touching the skin, and the South (positive) pole facing away from the skin Acumed patches™ • micro electric –due to copper and zinc forming a battery bridged by moisture from the skin • induced electric current –due to the magnetic field acting on the copper microspheres. These fields interact to produce pulsations of energy that are more effective than using a continuous signal."

Pain relief exact mechanisms of action

Although their exact mechanisms of action is unknown, the electromagnetic energy of magnetic pain relief patches is believed to interact with the energy of your own electromagnetic field (aura) to help strengthen it. Each patch should be applied to clean, dry skin near the site of pain. If positioned over acupuncture points (especially tender tsubos) associated with the painful areas the benefits may be even greater (See page 90). For small areas, or mild to moderate pain, only one patch may prove necessary. If –pain is more extensive or severe, several patches may be used to cover further acupoints as appropriate. Acumed magnetic patches should be left on the skin, undisturbed, for 5 to 7 days. They can be worn during all normal daily activities, including bathing and showering. After 5 –7 days, the Acumed patch(es) should be gently peeled away and discarded.

New pain relief patches

New pain relief patches can be resited as necessary –it is usually beneficial to"rest"for one or two days before re –starting treatment however. Acupoints Theories on how magnetic therapy works Restoring electro –magnetic balance Boosting the circulation Boosting immunity Regulating enzyme reactions Regulating the flow of calcium ions Boosting healing Producing analgesia Stimulating production of melatonin Boosting the Earth's Electromagnetic field No –one knows exactly how magnetic therapy works, but several interesting theories have been suggested that might explain how it can reduce pain perception and boost healing.

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