Frozen shoulder what it is?

Frozen shoulder is the common name for increasing pain, stiffness and immobility of the shoulder joint. It is due to inflammation and thickening in the lining of the capsule surrounding the joint (capsulitis). In most cases, no obvious cause is found, but it may come on after a fall, a task involving repetitive movements of the joint (eg painting the ceiling) or after unaccustomed exercise. Attacks have also been linked with other medical conditions such as chronic bronchitis, stroke or heart pain (angina), perhaps triggered by general immobility.

Self help measures:

During the initial, acutely painful stage of frozen shoulder, rest is usually advised.Applying hot or cold packs can help. After the pain starts to reduce, manipulation by a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor will improve mobility, but it can take many months before the range of movement approaches normality again.

Applying magnetic patches

Apply one or more magnets over the most painful sites | relief often occurs within half an hour. Magnetic patches can also be applied to acupuncture points over or near the site of pain, as shown in the following illustration. Select the points which most closely relate to the site of discomfort.

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