Faq's Acumed patches

How do I use them?


ACUMED patches can be placed directly over the area in pain. Alternatively, one or more of the patches can be placed on any of the acupressure points outlined on our body maps. These show the acupuncture points for some of the more common conditions.

Apply one patch to clean, dry skin as appropriate. Press firmly on the adhesive surround. The optimum effect of magnet patch treatment is obtained between the third and fifth day.

How do I peel off and wear the patch?

1. Hold patch leaf straight in front of you with magnet side facing you.

2. Tear the perforated, narrow strip on the edge of the leaf to reveal the self-adhesive patch.

3. This will enable you to peel off the ENTIRE PATCH (with magnet, copper and zinc).

4. Place entire patch over clean, dry skin. It is very important the skin is dry for the patch to stick properly.

5. Apply some pressure over the entire patch to assure it has stuck well to the skin.


How long do I wear the patch for?

Leave on continuously for a maximum of 3-5 days.


Can I shower, bathe or swim with it on?

You can bathe, shower, and swim safely while wearing the patch.


How many patches can I wear at a time?

More than one patch can be worn at the same time depending on spread and intensity of pain. Two about 3 inches apart will be more effective than one.


When can I wear another patch?

Allow skin to breathe before applying a new patch, and again, make sure the skin is clean and dry when repeating the process.


Can I share the patch with another person?



Where do I apply the patch?

Directly over the area in pain or following the suggested acupuncture points on the Body Maps page.


Do I need to apply a patch to every acupuncture point suggest?

These are only suggestions. Choose the point you believe will help you best.

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