Pain relief patches

therapeutic power of magnets

Acumed Pain Relief Patches−pack of 8

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Magnetism discovered

According to one legend, the phenomenon of magnetism was supposedly discovered, and named after, a Greek shepherd, named Magnes, whose iron staff became strongly attracted to a lodestone rock. Other legends claim that magnetism was first discovered in an ancient part of Europe known as Magnesia.


Magnetic therapy use

Magnetic therapy, is the use of magnets and the electromagnetic fields they produce to help create a beneficial environment that promotes the body's own healing processes.

Patch for pain relief

ACUMED is a Biomagnetic patch for pain relief. It consists of a self adhesive plaster containing high purity zinc and copper in a magnetic field. 'Biomagnetics' which is the use of electromagnetic fields on acupuncture points. Each patch works as a mini transmitter, emitting small energy fields which have a soothing effect and stimulate the body's natural pain relief mechanism.

Pain relief patches

Dr Sarah Brewer, whose extensive knowledge of all aspects of natural medicine is impressive, outlines electromagnetic healing's long history of relieving pain of all kinds. In fact, Dr.Brewer herself has successfully used Acumed pain relief patches to treat a jogging related knee injury

Those most convenient for home use include adhesive magnetic patches, magnetic jewellery (eg necklets, bracelets), wraps and mattress pads.

Magnetic patches can be placed directly over a painful site, over acupuncture points, or on various sites of the head. Measuring magnetic force The strength of the magnetic field a magnet can produce is measured in modern units known as teslas, after the late scientist, Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943). An older measure is also in use, known as the gauss.

Acumed pain relief patches

"I have just tried Acumed pain relief patches and I am very impressed. Since I broke my right shoulder a couple of years ago the surgeon told me I would be prone to rheumatism or other aches eventually.The last couple of weeks I've experienced pain in my foot and knee. I've had tablets and creams from the doctor which didn't work. I saw these patches in the chemists, and tried them this week and I've felt more comfortable and less pain.Thank goodness. So I am pleased to tell you that they do work and I will use them again." Mr I. H

Magnetic therapy

Animal studies for magnetic therapy in the early 1970's suggested that it was only the negative pole of a magnet that has beneficial effects on living cells. Around the same time, researchers also discovered that weak electrical currents (which will produce a magnetic field) could enhance the healing of bone fractures, and strong electromagnetic fields are now used by many orthopedic surgeons to hasten the healing of bone fractures. The reported success rate is over 80%, even in cases of non-union where other procedures had previously failed.

Magnetic therapy from the greek |μαγνητική θεραπεία| is now also used by some doctors to encourage healing of persistent wounds and ulcers, swelling (edema) and sometimes to treat deep vein thrombosis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is also widely used as a diagnostic technique to visualize internal parts of the body, and produces better results, more safely, than using X-rays.

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